Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Border Patrol Agent Shot and Killed, Another Wounded!

 Last night a U.S. Border Patrol Agent was shot and killed with another Agent wounded in a shooting near Naco, AZ. Just last week our group worked an area just west of where these Agents were shot. The second Agent has non life threatening wounds and is expected to survive. You can read the Fox news story http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/10/02/2-us-border-agents-shot-1-killed-near-major-drug-cooridor-in-arizona/ which mentions that two weapons recovered at the scene were linked to a smuggling operation involved with the Fast and Furious program. Not really sure how they could make that link so fast since this just happened last night.
 Keep in mind that Border Patrol is a law enforcement organization fighting a problem that only has a military solution. Some agents do come in to the Border patrol form the military but the majority of them do not. I have seen Agents walk in the field like they were in a mall. They have very little situational awareness and, while pretty good at tracking illegals, have no experience in detecting prime ambush areas and walk into these traps from time to time. Sadly, nothing will change in the future as neither political party wants to do anything of substance to secure our borders.

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