Thursday, January 19, 2012

Border Operation Completed

 Our first border op of the new year was completed yesterday. Overall I would say it was a success but not without conflict, complications, shortages of necessary vehicles, equipment and the usual last minute cancellations of individuals who swore they were going to make it. Always makes me wonder how the men of the Revolutionary Era succeeded in their mission to form a new country when I cannot even field a squad sized unit. Well they did not have cable tv back then. Times are tough for all of us but you people who sit on the fence need to reach down and grab a pair and put your money where your mouth is.

 We scouted one of our known cartel spotter locations and found fresh trash indicating recent use.

You can see the fresh trash and commanding view for these spotters in the pics. Up to five miles in every direction to redirect a drug load if law enforcement is in the area.

 The local populace gave us fresh intel of a new pick up spot where illegals drop their packs and load up into the vehicle to be driven to the next leg of their journey. Here is some of the intel we came across.

 Sometimes valuable intel will be recovered in the way of cell phones, notebooks or ledgers detailing the smuggling orgs. systems, etc.

 While conducting a training mission for our new members, we suddenly came across a lone illegal walking a trail north. Once he realized he was spotted he sat down and he talked with one of our members. We learned he was a former cop in Mexico but quit after getting shot by the cartel. He did not specify which cartel. He also mentioned he has been coming back and forth from Mexico for 6 years and did not think it was a big deal. Most Mexicans do not respect the border of the United States. It is taught in their schools that the US stole land from Mexico and they have every right to come and go as they please.

 As we had to wait for 4 hours for Border Patrol to show up to collect this illegal, night came with a steady drizzle and drop in temperature. We supplied the illegal with food and water as well as an emergency blanket to ensure hypothermia would not be a problem.

 We were limited in our ability to fully conduct operations because of a shortage of vehicles. We are in need of donations so that we may purchase a couple of used vehicles capable of bringing us further into the field to expand our operating area. With our scouts walking to some spots, it eats up valuable observation time as it takes longer to get to these spots.
 The one area that we are having little to no trouble in is with our communications. We have a dedicated comms vehicle complete with the ability to cover all of our operators in the field.

 We hope to have some supply and equipment issues resolved by the next border operation. We greatly depend on the public for assistance in attaining these goals however. I personally would like to thank those of you who have donated to us to help defray some of the operating costs. Enough money was raised to pay for the two trailers we rented to house our operators as well as pay for most of the gas we used for this op. We greatly appreciate the support from the American public as well.

Thank You


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Border Op Update

Our op area has a major BP presence due to increase traffic of both drugs and illegals in it. This has limited our usefulness in aiding in apprehending as we like to stay out of BP's way. We have adjusted our op to include collecting up to date intel of known spotter locations and new pick up points that the local residents have given to us. Will publish pics as soon as possible.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Border Operation Set To Commence In 2 Days!

 Our first operation of the new year is set to commence in just two days. We will be providing security for a rancher, his family and his employees by keeping watch from the high ground and monitoring any illegal activity we spot. We will aid law enforcement by reporting this activity in great detail, providing gps locations and tracking the illegal activity. We will keep eyes on the activity both day and night with the use of binoculars, night vision and thermal viewer devices. I will report here on the blog anything we come across with hopes of providing you with photo and video evidence that our fearless DHS Secretary is out of her mind when she says our border is secure.