Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day of Rage in NYC Looks More Like Day of Sitting Around!!

 I decided to go to New York City yesterday to monitor this "Day of Rage" that anarchist, socialist and communist groups were advertising for the last couple months. They had hoped to model this after the "Arab Spring" that has taken place in the Middle East earlier this year. The goal is to occupy Wall Street by camping out and not leaving. Problem for them was that the police had Wall Street blocked off. Oops! So the occupation of Wall Street actually turned into the occupation of Zuccotti Park a couple blocks away. Also, the "Day of Rage" looked more like the "Day of Sitting Around" and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and passing out the usual socialist newsletters. Or as I call it, toilet paper. Then again, I do not think I would want that communist garbage touching my ass! Event organizers had wanted twenty thousand people to show up. Fox and CNN are saying "hundreds" showed up. In all I would estimate between one thousand and two thousand. There was the typical socialist party table selling shirts. Wait! Socialists setting up a table and selling things? Isn't that "Capitalistic"? Guess they do not mind capitalism when it is on their terms.

A few of the typical commie and anarchist flags were seen as well as the new flag of the "anti-corporation" movement which is the American flag with the Stars being replaced by names of corporations.

There were the usual signs from different groups trying to get out there own messages as well.

The green hat guys were from the National Lawyers Guild. They were there to legally "advise" protesters of their rights should they be arrested. Many protesters also walked around with phone numbers written on their arms of who to call should they be arrested.

Police were out in force to contain the protesters. They even had a watchtower like the ones the US Border Patrol uses.

The goal of the protest was to shut down Wall Street. That goal was not met and will not be met. One thing that was disconcerting to me was what was reported in the media that the police shut down internet service in to disrupt communications between those protesters already there and those trying to come down. Later in the night cops were even stopping new protesters from showing up. It was also reported that at 10pm the police were to go in to the park to clear the protesters out. Not sure if that was true or not.

Here are a few pics of rather "curious" individual outfits.

This guy above definitely gets the "WTF!" award for the day.

One thing I noticed was the fact that these people hate corporations, but did not have a problem with using A Burger King Corporation bathroom when "nature called".

This protest was a silly joke in my mind but we should not let our guard down. Further slides in the economy WILL cause rioting like we have seen in England and the Middle East. We can laugh now, but we should be prepared in the future.