Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What To Do When You Find An Overcrowded Home In Your Community

 Awhile back I wrote an article on how to spot an illegal alien overcrowded house in your community. I had wanted to write this article after that one but had to postpone it until I had gotten back from Sierra Vista/Hereford, AZ where I was volunteering to assist the evacuees of the Monument fire. That fire is one of five that have started either in Mexico or on the border by illegal aliens and drug traffickers. To recap the first article, there were about six different ways to spot overcrowded housing in your community. Multiple cars with out of state plates, blankets or sheets covering the windows, small dumpster for trash yet no construction is going on, multiple bicycles but no children living in the house, increased gang graffiti in the area are all indications of crowded homes in your neighborhood. Let's go over what you can do once you locate an overcrowded home in your community.
 First you have to know what type of town or county agency you need to report the home to. In some areas it will be the Sheriff's office. In others it will be the Department of Public Safety and still in other places it will be Code Enforcement. In my area Code Enforcement would be the ones to contact in these cases. Also, know your local town and county codes regarding how many unrelated adults can live in one home. In my area it is no more than four unrelated adults living in one home. The number of bedrooms in the home may also have something to do with it. For example, in a four bedroom home, up to four unrelated adults can live in it in my neck of the woods. There may also be codes as to how many vehicles are allowed on the property. That can also depend on the number of bedrooms.
 When you have located the correct agency to report to, you will need to collect evidence. You cannot just walk into the agency and say, "This house at this address is overcrowded." In some places that may work and the reported address would be put on the list of homes to check out. Mostly though, you will need some video or photographic evidence to back up your claims. Also, you may need to file a complaint and have one or two people from that block file one too. Collecting evidence is easier than it sounds. The best kind of video evidence is filming the people leaving for work, and returning to the home. Make sure the camera is stable and you do not just zoom in to the point where you cannot tell what home they are coming out of. Same goes for photos. Clear, precise photos showing those people coming from the house will be your strongest argument. Also film and photo all the cars, bicycles, dumpsters and windows without proper coverings. Film anything else you think is important to document. Proper evidence to back up your argument will be your strongest ally in gaining credibility with the authorities.
 Overcrowded housing is becoming a big problem in many communities. With it brings gang activity, increased crime and stresses the sewer and sanitation systems of our communities. It also leads to reduced property values. Homes were designed for one family to enjoy, not ten or twenty people. Garbage pickup was designed so a family can put out up to two or three pails at any one time. Some homes on my block put out four and five at a time already stressing the system. And these are homes that just house one family. Can you imagine the stress on the system where homes put out eight or more pails because twenty people are crammed into it? One final piece of advice is to ask firefighters about overcrowded homes. They often know the locations as these homes have illegal wiring that cause fires. Some will be reluctant to tell you but hopefully enough realize the problem and will supply you with addresses to collect evidence on.
 One final note I have to say is please become involved in the fight. Too many Americans refuse to get involved because of a fear of retribution. All this can be done without naming yourself. Even the complaints you may have to sign to get the investigation going should be able to be done without public knowledge of who signed the complaint. Good luck and good hunting.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video Evidence Murphy Fire Started By Illegals

 On the list of websites I have for you to check out on this blog is This is a site that posts videos of citizen owned and operated border cameras that document video evidence of illegal alien crossers and drug traffickers. They recently posted a video from a camera outside of Rio Rico that caught video evidence of crossings at the time of the Murphy fire. This fire is one of five fires on the border in Arizona that were caused by illegal aliens and or traffickers. Here is the video.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Updates from the Monument fire zone

 Been volunteering with some of my fellow border watchers over the last few days at the Monument fire. Park rangers and Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever agree this was caused by a criminal element from Mexico that has no regard for our laws and heritage.
 Did a delivery of frozen washclothes to the firefighters. Did security at local shelter last night since the Arizona Rangers are shorthanded. People here have pulled together like Americans do in times of crisis. Number of homes and businesses lost so far are not known. Most of the fire is at higher elevations in the mountains where there are no structures but high winds can always change that status. Luckily, winds now are calm enough for planes and helos to continue flying.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Major Flareup of the Monument Fire Today

After a relatively calm day yesterday the Monument fire exploded into a marathon run of flames as high winds drove the fire down the canyons, across Highway 92 and into many residential areas. As of tonight, it is not known how many houses were lost today. Another reason was due to high winds both fixed wing and rotary aircraft could not fly. It was not until early evening when aircraft started dropping retardent and water in a dangerous effort to contain the fire in the streets to save houses. At one point the firefighters had to retreat and regroup and decide where to set new lines. As the night came and the winds died down, they once again gained control in the residential area but the mountain burns away with free reign.
 Our team started the day by delivering needed dog food to both Red Cross shelters. Then when we saw the mountain engulfed in smoke we knew we had to go into the neighborhoods closest to the oncoming wall of fire and smoke to help evacuate the residents who needed it. We loaded up our suburban with the important belongings of an elderly couple and delivered them to their friends house in Sierra Vista. Then we went into an area who had just received the evac warning and went door to door to notify residents. The police and Border Patrol seemed to be overwhelmed when the fire exploded and went on it's run so they told us they were thankful for our help. Next, we found a family desperately clearing brush and dry grass away from their house and pitched in with rakes, shovels and axes. After an hour, the homeowner was happy with where the brush line was pushed back to. We wished him luck and continued on. It was like this for the rest of the day until dark. It seems now that the fire is only slowly making it's way across the mountain since winds have dies down. Tomorrow is another day though.  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

No new postings for awhile

Going down to AZ tomorrow to help the people impacted by this Monument fire. Doubt I will be posting. Go to for info and updates.

Just Heard Something Sad

My buddies who drove down to Hereford, AZ last night to help volunteer with the Monument fire started by smugglers tell me that word has it that this fire was started in retaliation for a drug bust Border Patrol made. How sad this is if true. How much more are we going to take? If I was the Governor of Arizona, I would create my own border force and just say "Screw the Feds"!! Our federal government has grown more inept by the day and will lead to this countries decline!!






A new blog is up with info about the Monument Fire in Hereford/Sierra Vista, AZ. This blog has details on donations, help needed info and evacuation info. I suggest you go there for the latest info. 

Here is the latest update on the fire.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little League Animal Shelter in AZ Needs Help!!!

Took this post from the Monument, AZ page on Facebook. Help if you can please!!

Posted by Little League Animal Rescue:
We are in desperate need of fosters. A couple of the foster homes including mine are being evacuated right now. If you can take in any of these dogs please contact Annette at 520-255-1288 or Sandy at 520-220-9368. We are located in Hereford, AZ.

Follow Monument Fire Updates On Facebook


 New evac orders are being implemented now in Hereford, AZ. Also, here is a list of animal rescue/clinics that need things like kennels, food, water bowls. Please overnight them anything you can!! Also, horse stables are in need of manpower to put up temporary pens.

Sierra Vista Animal Care and Control
6799 E Hwy 90
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Phone: (520)458-4151

New Frontier Animal Medical Center
2045 Paseo San Luis
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Phone: (520) 459-0433
Fax: (520) 459-4809

Sierra Animal Hospital
taking in SMALL pets for free
900 S. Highway 92
Sierra Vista, AZ

Sierra Vista Riding Club
taking in horses if unable to access trailer they will fetch
Ron Maynez

For those on facebook who are following these fires, go to monument fire az on facebook to read what the locals are saying about this fire started Sunday by illegals on the border.

Also, the incident command has added this fire on their site.

If any of you are impacted by this fire and need extra sets of hands please email me or comment on this and I will see if any of my border teammates can get to you.

Good Luck!

Barbaric Drug Cartel Tactics In Mexico

Words cannot describe the barbarism going on in mexico these days. Just received these pics. Cartels are skinning the faces of those they kill and using the skin in messages they send to police and others.

This is going on south of our country with a 1900 mile border that is only 15% secure. Sad!

Border Fire Updates.

Illegal Alien caused fires continue to burn on the border. The major wildfire in Arizona now called the Wallow fire is not believed to be caused by illegal aliens but was a campfire that got out of control. However, there are a few fires burning, one since the beginning of May (Horseshoe II), that are known to be started either on purpose or by accident by illegal aliens and smugglers. This has been confirmed by Border Patrol Agents to either myself or my teammates on the border. Here are updates on illegal alien started fires just in Arizona.

1- The Monument fire which started Sunday on the border near the Coronado Monument is zero percent contained and has destroyed six homes. Border Patrol believes this one was lit by smugglers as a diversionary tactic to hide their activities. Latest update here.

2- The Arlene fire in the same mountains as the fire above. Over 10K acres burned. Update here.

3- The Murphy fire has burned over 68K acres. This one is located west of the Horseshoe II fire and east of the fires in the Coronado mountains.   Update here.

4- The Horseshoe II fire in the Chiricahua mountains. Over 171K acres burned. This fire has been burning since the first week of May. Update here.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Fire Breaks Out In Mexico Close To The US Border

Got this message from a local woman who lives close to this new fire. Here it is.

This fire is about 8 miles from the house and moving. I can see flames coming down the mountain. The wind is calmer but blowing around 15 miles an hour. This whole subdivision will burn if it jumps Hwy 92 and hits the grassland. Another windy day tomorrow in the forecast.

Also received this from a local resident. He is referring to the Coronado National Monument when he says park.

well the park is closed and no one was in that part of the park, guaranteed. It was definitely illegals. I know the bp rearranged their units thinking it was a decoy.

Latest pic from local resident.

Read this on Glenn Spencer's American Patrol website.  A new fire has started in Mexico close to the US border south of Sierra Vista. Pics available on the American Patrol site!! to see the pics.

UPDATE: On closer look at the pics, this fire started exactly on the border. The border road coming down the mountain leads to the Coronado Mountains and is a high illegal alien and drug trafficking area. BP often stages vehicles there to spot incoming traffic. No lightning in that area so the cartels might have wanted smoke to cover their smuggling activities.

Here is local news on it.

Glenn Spencer took an amazing photo of 20ft high flames approaching a Border Patrol camera tower. See it Here.

How To Spot Overcrowded Housing In Your Community!

 One of the many many problems with illegal immigration is the overcrowding of residences in towns and cities across America. Unscrupulous landlords prey on these illegals by renting rooms to them, packing them into these rooms like sardines, at an inflated price. The illegals have no problem with this because of their need for a place to stay. However, they are packed into these rooms like sardines. It is not uncommon for a house to hold thirty to forty or more illegals living 10 to a room or more. Landlords will even alter the interior construction of the home to accommodate more and more illegals thus increasing profits. Many problems are born from this agreement between the landlord and illegals like run down houses, overflowing septic systems, increased garbage produced from the residence, increased theft in the area, fires started by illegal cooking equipment and unsafe electrical wiring and many others. Many homeowners feel either powerless to do anything about it or are too scared to get involved for fear of retribution. As Americans though, we should not be bullied around by illegal aliens and landlords, gangs or politicians who refuse to do anything about overcrowded housing. These conditions lead to unsafe communities and drops in property values. Once a house of this type is located, everything should be done to have it shut down. It all starts at the local level people. I will break this down into two parts. The first one is how to locate a house or apartment of this type. The second thing is what you can do about it.


 There are many signs to look for if you suspect a home in your area is overcrowded. If a house recently sold in your area, keep an eye on the new owners. A lot of houses in the Phoenix area are being bought for cash by cartels to be used as a holding cell for illegals recently smuggled into the U.S. The cartels use a nice, average looking couple as a front to by these houses. Once sold though, it is rare to see anybody coming or going. It is all done at night. Usually this involves driving the vehicles directly into the garage so no neighbors will spot the amount of people in the vehicle. Illegals are held there until a ransom is paid by relatives of the illegals who then get smuggled to other parts of the country. These houses are called "drop houses". It is not uncommon to have over one hundred people packed into these houses for days and weeks at a time. Amounts this high put a huge stress on your local garbage and septic systems and becomes very unsanitary in a short amount of time. The problem of "drop houses" is more common to border cities like Tucson, Phoenix and others. What you will notice in your area is different. If you know of some signs I have not mentioned, please contact me so I can post it and spread the word. Now I will list the signs to look for.

1- No curtains, drapes or shades on the windows.  Most overcrowded houses in my area have none of these on the windows. What is hanging in their place is bed sheets and blankets. Landlords will not spend money on window coverings and the illegals will not also. If you see this, watch the house closely.

2- Cars with out of state plates. This one is a little difficult as we all know people who will get out of state car insurance cheaper then in their own state, especially here in New York. However, if you have multiple cars with different out of state plates, that can be one clue.

3- Small dumpster on the property.  Do you have a neighbor with a dumpster yet no construction is going on at the house? Usually these dumpsters are small enough not to stand out, or are located in an area of the property that is not highly visible to neighbors. Some upper class residences have dumpsters but you will know from the upkeep of the property that this is not a candidate for an overcrowded home. Landlords do not want to have six or more garbage pails outside there house. That is a dead give away so they will have a company empty the dumpster once a week.

4- Many bicycles on the property but no kids in the home. This one I love. I know someone that has illegals working in the company he works for and there is an illegal who rides his pink bike to work everyday. I highly doubt this bike was purchased. Most likely it was stolen as many of the illegals do this. If you notice four, five, six or more bicycles at a residence but no children live there, that is a sure sign that this house is overcrowded.

5- Increased gang graffiti in the area. Have you noticed increased gang signs or tags in the area? This could be the result of a recently sold home being packed with illegals. Now, not only illegals are in gangs as we know, but you should do your best with the help of a few neighbors to locate any housing this graffiti could be coming from. Also, contact your local police department to get explanations as to what the gang signs mean and what area they most likely would be coming from.

6- Types of cars favored by illegals.  Not sure if this is everywhere or only in my area but it seems the illegals here favor buying used Nissan Sentras and Toyota Corollas. If you see these cars with out of state plates, put that house under surveillance.

 These are a few of the things to look for when locating illegal housing. Things to look for might be different in your area so if I missed anything, please contact me and tell me so I can pass it on.

 Part two will be on what your neighbors and you can do about it once an overcrowded house is located in your area. Coming Soon!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Coming soon I will detail how you can tell if a house in your neighborhood could be packed with illegals or just plain overcrowded. I will give you the signs to look for and what you can do about it.

Coming soon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Rancher Killed by an Illegal Alien

 A rancher in New Mexico is the latest victim of our open borders. New Mexico rancher Larry Link was murdered on his ranch. Hidalgo County Sheriff Department has confirmed the story. He was responding to a report of an illegal on his property at Stein's Ghost Town when he was murdered. The location of the incident is close to the Arizona border near I-10 at exit 3.
 Another productive American citizen killed by illegal alien scum who only come here to collect government benefits and mooch off of our hard work to keep America going.

Here's the story!!

Update on Arizona Fires

The Murphy fire is now over 50K acres and has crossed into Mexico. Update here.

The Horseshoe II is well over 100K acres and growing. Update here.

The Wallow fire is further north in Arizona and over 230K acres. Not sure what caused this one. Update here.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Murphy Fire over 19K Acres Now

This fire is just west of Rio Rico, the area BP Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed by an illegal alien!

The Horseshoe II fire burning in the Chirachaua mountains is over 86K acres now!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Possible Drug Cartel Link to Cops Shooting

A San Antonio police officer was EXECUTED the other day while at a stop light. Almost 30 rounds were shot into his patrol car from an automatic rifle, most likely an AK-47. Police believe he was not personally targeted but targeted because he was a cop. Read this story. I love the Sheriff's comment towards the bottom of the story. He says it's a "random attack on a law officer". Then states that "I don't think the general public has much to fear". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Cartels are now shooting law enforcement officers and we have nothing to fear? Another example of our "protectors" having their heads up their butts. If these cartels don't mind shooting law enforcement, what do they care if they shoot regular civilians too? 

Update on Existing Fires in Arizona/ New Fires Raging

Horseshoe II Fire in the Chiricahau mountains is now over 80,000 acres but now 75% contained. Click here to view diagram of the fire.

A new fire called the Murphy Fire is now burning just west of Rio Rico, that is where BP Agent Brian Terry was killed last December by illegal alien bandits out in the desert. Click here to view diagram of the fire.

The Arlene Fire in the Coronado mountains is over 10,000 acres but just about out. Crews and doing mop up operations now.

All of these fires are in high risk smuggling areas. Smugglers are known to start fires to divert attention from their smuggling activities.