Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update On The Border Shooting

 Here is a quick bit of info to update everyone on the border shootings of the BP Agents. Seems the cartel shot these Agents in retaliation for a drug bust make the week before. Three cartel hit men came into the country knowingly tripping a ground sensor and then they laid in ambush for the Agents. Most likely one hit man had a rifle and the other two had handguns. Three BP Agents arrived on horseback and they were fired upon. Two were hit, one Agent died. The hit men then fled back across the border.
 The problem is that these Agents go out into the field with night vision devices mostly. While that is better than nothing, if someone is waiting for you in the night, you will not see him. With night vision everything looks green through the viewer. If there is movement you will spot it quickly most of the time, but if there is an ambush waiting to be sprung upon you, you will not notice until it is too late. BP Agents should be in the field with a thermal viewer like the FLIR PS32. I use this model on the border and NO ONE will go undetected if they are waiting for me within five hundred yards of me. The best thing about a thermal viewer like that is it is the same price, sometimes even cheaper, then the NVGs the bP is using now. 

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