Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five Ways to Fight Illegal Immigration

Too many Americans get frustrated when it comes to fighting illegal immigration. They feel like there is nothing they can do to stop it because the federal government refuses to secure our borders. However this is not so. There are many things the average citizen can do at all levels to combat this problem. You must first make a commitment to yourself though. A commitment to stand and fight no matter what you run into. A commitment to make a difference. A commitment to never give up. Once you have made the decision to fight, then you must educate yourself with the facts about illegal immigration so you can hold your own in a debate. People will listen as you throw facts at them and give them the source of the fact to back up your points. Here is an example of a fact. Did you know that securing the border is only sixty percent of the illegal immigration problem? The other forty percent is from people overstaying their visa. Most Americans who scream for the borders to be secured think that actually securing them would stop the problem. Not so. By teaching them this fact and others, you help educate those around you who are also actively engaged in making a difference. They will look to you for leadership and knowledge.

1- Start a local organization.  It's not as hard as some people think to start a group in your neighborhood. Start out by finding a few people locally who feel the same way you do about illegal immigration. Arrange a meeting and talk about the direction you want to take the group. Once you have a mission statement about the goals of the group, then you can start recruiting to grow the group. Everyone in the group should be able to bring something to the table. Maybe you have a person who is good with public speaking, another who is good at designing and printing flyers for events your group is holding, etc. The more your group meets the more you will locate each person's strengths and weaknesses. I have both driven and flown to other states just to help local groups get off the ground by attending the initial meeting of the group and providing direction and suggestions on what I believe they left out during the meeting. It all starts with the initial meeting.

2- Join www.numbersusa.com.  This is the only lobbying firm in DC that fights illegal immigration. It is free to join and they have almost one million members. I credit this group with stopping the amnesty attempts in 2006 and 2007 and the DREAM Act attempt last December. Roy Beck runs the group and him and his staff keep you up to date on what DC is trying to pull behind our backs. Like I said, it is free to join but they will ask for donations from time to time. The donations are tax deductible and I believe it is money well spent.

3- Educate yourself.  You will need to know what you are talking about when the time comes to debate the other side, talk with your local politicians, do media interviews, etc. Some national groups fighting illegals immigration like FAIR and Center for Immigration Studies frequently produce papers on different areas of illegal immigration such as numbers of illegals in areas and costs to the taxpayer, etc. Join their websites at fairus.org and cis.org. Read their papers. Also, talk with your local law enforcement and see what their policies are with regard to illegals in their jails. Do they cooperate with ICE? Do they participate in the federal 287G program which is designed to discover who is who through fingerprints? Is your area a "sanctuary city" where the law enforcement has no dealings with the feds? What percentage of the jail population in your area is made up of illegals?

4- Election time.  During elections, learn from the candidates what their stances are on illegal immigration. If there is a viable candidate, help spread the word that a vote for this person is a vote against illegal immigration.

5- Support volunteer border watch groups.   There are many groups of volunteers who spend their own time and money going to the border and conducting operations to aid law enforcement. Some groups will physically conduct patrols and watch from observation posts. Other groups set out trail cameras to document illegal activity such as drug and human trafficking. Either way, if a group you are interested in is a reputable group, then think about donating to that group or finding people in your local group who would like to go down to the border and volunteer. Supporting these border watch groups in any way possible helps them to continue their operations and lets the federal government know that we are keeping their feet to the fire on this issue.

 These are five ways you can help fight illegal immigration from the local level all the way up to the federal level. If have any questions feel free to email me at americanborderblog@gmail.com.

Good Luck!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who is being caught at our border

Here is just a few of the fine citizens of foreign countries being caught at our borders!!

El Centro Sector – Border Patrol agents arrested an illegal alien from Mexico near Calexico, California. Records checks revealed the subject had a prior felony conviction for lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 and previously had been removed from the United States.
Rio Grande Valley Sector – Border Patrol agents arrested an illegal alien from El Salvador near Rockport, Texas. During processing, the subject was identified as a member of the MS-13 gang. Records checks revealed the subject had a prior conviction for aggravated robbery in the state of Texas and previously had been removed from the United States.
Rio Grande Valley Sector – Border Patrol agents arrested an illegal alien from El Salvador near Penitas, Texas. During processing, the subject was identified as a member of the 18th Street gang. Records checks revealed the subject previously had been removed from the United States.
Tucson Sector – Border Patrol agents arrested an illegal alien from Mexico near Douglas, Arizona. Records checks revealed the subject had a prior conviction for attempted unlawful sex activity with a minor in the state of Utah and previously had been removed from the United States.
Tucson Sector – Border Patrol agents seized 1,366 pounds of marijuana, a Ford truck, and arrested a USC near Patagonia, Arizona. A Border Patrol canine alerted to the vehicle and a scan using non-intrusive inspection technology revealed anomalies within the truck. A subsequent search by agents uncovered the marijuana.

Friday, May 27, 2011

What Goes On At Our Borders!

Here are some pics of what is going on at our borders.

There is an estimated 25,000,000 pounds of trash on the southern border. Backpacks, clothes, toothpaste, pills, paper, diapers, shoes, empty food containers, etc. All of it sits and deteriorates in the hot sun. Cows and wildlife come in and eat this stuff and get sick and die. It's an environmental disaster but you do not see Sierra Club or other groups coming out against illegal immigration.

When women's bra and panties are found it is usually indicative of sexual assault. Usually they are found hanging on a cactus or mesquite tree. It is usually a guide, or coyote as they are called, who committed the rape. He then hangs the underwear as a trophy. These are called "Rape Trees".

These pics are from vehicles abandoned in our desert. Another environmental disaster. Cartels steal vehicles from the US, then drive them to Mexico where they load drugs into them. They then come back across the border. Also, a vehicle will be stolen and placed in the desert and a drug load will walk to the location, load up the drugs, then someone will come back and drive the vehicle away. These are called staged vehicles. On my last op, two of our local team members witnessed a vehicle being staged and passed that info on to Border Patrol who kept the vehicle under surveillance but it is not known what happened after that. Notice the bullet holes in the windshield.

These are just a few of the things going on at our unsecured borders in the desert!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

29 Killed in Shootout in Mexico

Cartel on cartel violence again in Mexico. Yeah, it's safe down there!

Arizona Wins Supreme Court Case

In a 5-3 decision, Arizona won a case to force businesses to use the federal e-verify program which tells the business if the prospective employee's social security number is valid or not. The program is free to join and takes about 5 minutes to register in. Go to www.foxnews.com for the full story. This is a huge win for all states because more states will now likely pass the same laws.

Latest on Arlene and Horseshoe II Fires

Here is the latest info on the two illegal alien caused fires at the border.

The Arlene Fire:
10,600 acres burned. 45% contained.
Updated info here.

The Horseshoe II Fire:
47K+ acres burned. 35% contained.
Map of fire here. If you click on this link, then back the map up, you can see both fires on the map.

Increase in Bandit Activity in the Desert

 The pirates off the coast of Somalia are called that because of the fact they go out and steal ships and tankers and kidnap crews and hold them for ransom. Well the same thing is going on at the southern border involving drug and human cargo. Crews of illegals called "rip off crews" or "rip crews" by Border Patrol stalk the desert at night looking for anything they can get their hands on. They will steal from us Americans but mostly rip off the drug and human smuggling cartels by stealing the drugs being shipped, or taking control of the human load being transported through the desert and bringing them to a safe house further north to hold for ransom. It was just such a bandit crew that the Border Patrol Special Ops Team had under surveillance in December of last year outside of Rio Rico. When they announced their presence to the bandits a shootout occurred and Agent Brian Terry was killed. It was also found out that the AK-47 rifle used to kill Agent Terry came through the BATF's "Project Gunrunner" program where they let weapons be sold on the border knowing full well that they would end up in the drug cartels hands. Even when the gun store owners are vigilant and alert the BATF about a suspicious purchase they would ok the sale. An ICE agent in Mexico was also killed with a weapon under this program.
 These rip off crews are made up of illegals out of Tucson or Phoenix which comb the desert at night looking for something to steal. They are mostly military trained and will not think twice about shooting you. To combat this threat, the drug cartels are now arming the drug loads with more and more weapons. Normally, if a drug load has an armed escort, only one or two men will be armed. Usually those carrying the bundles of drugs are not armed. However, during my last operation in the desert last month, a local resident told me of a huge bust Border Patrol made a week before we arrived to conduct our operation. This drug load had twenty-four men carrying bundles and six men armed with AK-47s. That is the biggest armed load I have ever heard of. Luckily, Border Patrol got them all without incident. As far as I know, the drug cartels have a standing order that their people are not allowed to shoot law enforcement on our side of the border. Shooting across the border is allowed though. With the cartels arming more of their people, a shootout involving the cartels and border volunteer groups is all but inevitable. The last drug traffickers we came across were not armed but it is only a matter of time before we run into some that are. With more and more small sized border volunteer groups out in the desert, chances are also increased that one will run into bandits and possibly get into a shootout. During our last operation we discovered an illegal who told us he was part of a group of twelve that ran into three men with AK-47s and the group split and ran. He said he had been walking the desert lost for three days without food and water. Could be a lie, could be the truth, we do not know. One thing is for sure though. This threat will be around for a long, long time. Even the Border Patrol Intelligence team has asked us to take care of these guys if we run into them. Can you guess what "take care" of them means? If we come across them and they are itching for a fight, then we will have no choice but to.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arlene Fire Now Over 10K Acres

The Arlene fire in the Coronado Mountains is now well over 10K acres and growing. Thank you to the illegals for this precious gift of fire. Don't know how we would survive without you.

Story here.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Arrests 3 of His Own

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has arrested 3 deputies who were not only supplying cartels with crime sweep info but also aided in trafficking illegals. One deputy even had a couple of illegals in his house when they arrested him. Another one was living with a drug kingpin also.

Story here.

Need A Used Bicycle?

There is a certain ranch in Arizona that has been collecting all the bicycles it comes across on its property. Last count was over 1000. This pic is just one area they keep them and is a few years old.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Traitorous Tucson School Superintendent Caves to La Raza and Unidos!

It was recently uncovered about the pure anti-American ethnic studies program going on in the Tucson school district. This course was nothing more than an attempt to force feed anti-American propaganda down our children's throats. According to this program, Thanksgiving is a white supremacist holiday. Well it seems Tucson Superintendent John Pendercote (more like Turncote if you ask me), has backed down from turning this program into an elective. The open borders crowd raised hell at school board meetings a couple weeks ago, going so far as chaining themselves to desks and tables at the meeting and forcing the Tucson SWAT team to come in. He even went so far as to apologize to the open borders crowd and promised not to press charges against those who disrupted the meetings. There you have it, law and order is completely breaking down in Tucson. View his letter here. Arizona has made courses like this illegal to teach in the classrooms so we will have to see if Arizona enforces that. Sad, dangerous and violent days are indeed coming to this country. All it is going to take is one event to light the powder keg.

Update on the Arizona Fires!

The most recent fire started a couple days ago now called the Arlene Fire has grown to over 4K acres in Park Canyon in the Coronado Mountains near Sierra Vista, Az. Link here. Volunteer evacuations have begun.

The bigger Horseshoe II fire in the Chirachua Mountains near the border with the state of New Mexico and Mexico is over 43K acres now. Link here.

Both fires are suspected of being started by illegal aliens. They do not care about our residents who live in the area and what damage they do to US citizens homes.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Possibly Another Illegal Alien Caused Fire!!

Here is the story of yet another fire on the border! This one is west of the 40K acre Horseshoe II fire near the AZ/NM border that has been blazing since May 8th.

Arizona/New Mexico Border on Fire

A new wildfire started on May 8th just a couple of miles from the Arizona/New Mexico border. It is called the Horseshoe II fire and was started by illegal activity in the Chiricahua mountains. However, it is not known at this time if illegals having a campfire triggered it or drug or human smuggling cartels lit it to divert attention from their smuggling activities. This is a common tactic. This fire has now grown to over 36,000 acres and is not expected to be under full control for another month. The Horseshoe I fire was started in the same area one year ago, also by illegal activity.

Is this an example of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitanos supposedly secure border? What makes this even worse for the residents in this area is that the President was down in El Paso, Texas not too long ago joking about how those of us who want a secure border will now demand a moat and alligators in the moat before we tackle immigration reform. I don't think we will have immigration reform until we have politician reform. That means removing politicians and having ordinary everyday citizens run this government. Then maybe we will get serious about securing our border with the only thing that is gonna work, the US Military. That same military who is teaching the Iraqi and Afghani border guards how to do it. But the joke is on them because we can not secure our own borders here. How the hell do we teach others how to do it? Here is a petition started by the residents of the disaster area that will be sent to the President. It is outrageous in this day and age that American citizens have to go through this and live in fear everyday because of a weak willed government whether they are left or right.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cartels own the high ground in southern AZ.

It is coming to light now among not only law enforcement but the inept politicians (finally), that at any one time some 100 to 200 cartel spotters are on hills and mountains in southern Arizona directing both vehicle borne loads and foot loads of drugs through the Sonoran desert. Cartel spotters will stay anywhere from a few days to a month or more on their hilltops, coordinating through radio and cell phones, to the loads trying to elude law enforcement. I have personally been on a few of these hills as you see in the video below. I have also personally seen these men being dropped off by helicopter in both daylight and night. Once on top of these hills they have a commanding view for miles in every direction. At these locations you will find camping equipment such as sleeping bags and coleman stoves. Canned food is stored there also as well as binoculars and solar panels to charge kenwood radios. We even know some of the frequencies they use but I won't mention them here. Also, some are equipped with a "hide" area which the spotter slides into to hide from law enforcement helicopters scanning the hills. Some of these helicopters are equipped with a thermal infrared camera which detects body heat. However, plastic defeats thermal by shielding the body heat from the camera. The spotter in this video built a semi circle wall of rocks high enough to be able to slide into it, then laid black plastic on top, then added another layer of rocks to hold down the plastic. Then fresh vegetation was added to camouflage the plastic. If a helicopter came by to see if anybody is on the hill, the spotter just slides down into the hide to wait until the helicopter leaves. No need for high tech applications when you are spotting. Binoculars work just fine during the day and at night, law enforcement vehicles are well lit up to give the spotters miles of notice that law enforcement is in the area and the spotter will redirect the drug traffic or tell the load to hold up and wait until law enforcement departs the area. Very simple! This video is from one such location. Took one hour and forty five minutes to climb this hill. Rattlesnakes and loose rock were present the whole time. Spotters also leaves piles of garbage around which means thousands of flies will be present to annoy you while you are up there.

Now a news organization has finally done a few video reports on this. This report was with DEA on the Tohono O'Odham reservation where some of the most used spotter locations are located. Here is the link. These are good reports with excellent explanations from the DEA agents on how the spotters operate.

Located below are a few pictures from what we have found on these hilltops. First picture is of a spotter location close to the border that has a small cave in it. Second pic is from a hill over 35 miles north of the border. Notice the binoculars on the rocks on the left. Also note the plastic for the roof of the hide.

Next pic is from a smaller hill that only took a few minutes to climb but notice the rocks marker on the southern side of the hill.

This last picture is one of the solar panels we found with a kenwood radio charger.

These spotters are mostly living in this country working for the cartels. They have their observation posts and are resupplied on a regular basis. Most likely they are armed with at least a handgun. I have not heard any reports of spotters getting into shootouts with law enforcement or border watch groups yet. The way the spotters operate are almost the same way our special ops forces operate in the mountains of Afghanistan where they create a "hide" and observation post and report on enemy combatant troop movements but do not engage the enemy. 

The spotters goal is to keep law enforcement away from the drug load until the load is out of his area of operation and passed on to the next spotter. Then he will arrange pickup or hike down the hill and through the desert home until his next shift. When we find these hills, we document them on maps but do not disturb what is on the hill as we do not want the spotters to know we were there.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Smuggling map found in desert

Got this from a buddy of mine who was out patrolling the desert today. Seems a smuggler dropped his map. Notice the red and yellow lines. He is trying to figure out what the different colors mean. I'm thinking the yellow line is Plan B if Plan A(red lines) goes to hell.

More and more traffic is coming up through the Tohono O'Odham Indian reservation west of Three Points as Border Patrol manpower in limited. The reservation does have an all Indian group called the Shadow Wolves who are worth their weight in gold. Top notch first class trackers who will track for days at a time if need be.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ethnic Studies Program In Tucson Schools

 Big trouble has been brewing in Tucson over their "Ethnic Studies" program. It really is nothing more than a class on how America stole the southwest from Mexico. The area in question is called "Aztlan"and it is made up of part Arizona, New Mexico and parts of California, Colorado, yada yada yada. The superintendent and school board wanted to make this class an elective meaning you could still take it if you want to. However, that was not good enough for the reconquistas. NO, they want every student to be forced to take it. They even went so far as to disrupt school board meetings to the point where the SWAT team had to be called in. Here is a video of the story.
 This class describes the Thanksgiving holiday as a "white supremacist holiday". What a load of crap. Here is some of the class material. Today more than ever it is important that you read your children's school books to see what is being force fed into them. The radicals from the 60s have grown up and have control of the schools and universities. They are like parasites that attached themselves to the host. In this case, the host is your kids. Put down the remote, put down the ho hos, stop worrying who is going to get voted off American Idol and pay attention to what they are teaching your kids.
 Last update I have is that the gutless school superintendent in Tucson has since backed down trying to make this program an elective. However, since Arizona passed a bill banning such studies, this should be a moot point. Either they give up the program or the state of AZ should withhold aid to them. I am also hoping that citizens sue the district. Will keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amazing x-ray of illegals packed into tractor trailer

This was at the Guatemala/Mexico border. 513 illegals packed into 2 tractor trailers. That has to be a world record. Click here to see the X-ray image. Click here to see them being offloaded.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What this blog is about.

 On this blog I will keep the reader up to date and informed about the current situation on Americas borders that you do not get in the news. Here is an example. A mass grave of up to 180 plus bodies was found in Mexico and they are still finding more bodies in the area. What makes this find particularly gruesome is that a sledgehammer was also found. Most of these people were not participants of the drug wars but merely innocent victims of it. Seems the cartels looked to up their prehistoric behavior by bludgeoning their victims to death in this case. And here is another. Twenty nine bodies were discovered in Guatemala. A present from the Zetas cartel from Mexico. I guess the Zetas have converted to Islam because all of these bodies were HEADLESS!!
 For six years I have patrolled both the northern and southern borders in states like Vermont, New York, California and Arizona. I have worked in many different groups and did operations with other groups. I have written about the situation and given speeches and powerpoint presentations on the subject. This is 100% truthful, unfiltered information that I have either experienced firsthand or was passed to me by multiple reliable sources I have developed over these last six years. I will present pictures and videos from these sources and others as I receive them. Please ask as many questions as you want and I will answer them as soon as possible. During my operations I will blog real time as much as possible also. However, due to the terrain features and remote locations, that might not be possible all the time. Please also tell me what you would like to see on this blog as without readers like you, there is no reason to have one.

Thank You