Saturday, September 22, 2012

Exciting Day at the FOB!

 Today started out with a trip into indian country to check on some trails. One of the trails however is quite different from the rest. This particular trail is used mainly by drug traffickers both to bring drugs into the country and to bring money from the sale of the drugs back into Mexico. This is a very dangerous trail to watch because you have to watch it in two directions, north and south. We saw evidence of it's use within the last 48 hours however. Also, the do gooder human border groups were out today putting fresh one gallon water jugs on the trails for the illegals and traffickers. They also have nice welcome wagon type messages on them welcoming them and warning them about groups like ours that are out to stop them. These morons would rather welcome law breakers than help secure the nation. Just pathetic! We spotted three separate water drops, one from just an hour or so before we got to this particular trail and other water drops that look a few days old. We gathered our intel on this trail and headed back in to camp to resupply and get ready for night.
 The sun set and we were ready for whatever the traffickers had to throw at us. At least we thought that. They decided to throw a curveball when we were expecting a fastball. As we sat around waiting for traffic to start, Mexico decided to erupt in gunfire. Shots were being fired sporadically about a half mile south of us. After it died down, there was one lone gunshot. Guess someone had a very, very bad day down there. After things quieted down, border patrol checked the border fence up and back, then pulling into a set up spot across the street from our FOB(Forward Operating Base), the base owner decided to go have a chat with the agent to get some intel. While talking with the agent, an illegal decided for some strange unknown reason to come out of the brush and poke his head around the back of the vehicle. Both agent and fob owner were stunned and laughing at this illegal clown who actually was high on something as the agent took the illegal into custody. Turns out there were seven more out in the brush that had to be found. Once the fob owner came and got us we broke brush and looked with two additional border patrol agents that had responded for the call for backup. However, as of this writing, they are still not located but it is still over forty miles to the first main highway. Lots of agents and camera towers they will still have to avoid.

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