Thursday, December 22, 2011

Think This Guy Even Knows One Person On The Yankees?

One of the illegals discovered by our scouts and picked up by Border Patrol.

The "Eye in the Sky" was out doing it's job! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reconnaissance Has It's Advantages!!

 While our scout team was reconning locations today for our upcoming January operation in Arizona, they came across five illegal aliens and brought Border Patrol in to arrest the illegals. It was then discovered that they were part of a larger group of 50. Our scouts worked for hours with Border Patrol and proceeded to pick up more of the illegals. The rest scattered across the valley and no doubt will be spending the night cold and disoriented and give up at the first chance they get. Pics will be posted when I receive them!!


 Our scouts helped Border Patrol get about half of that group of 50.  One of our scouts is back in the field now to round up more.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Obama To Reduce National Guard Presence On Border!

 Sickening!! At a time when drug trafficking and drug seizures are at an all time high on the border. At a time when the Mexican drug wars rage on and a time when it has been proven that Hezbollah operatives are in Mexico. Our wonderful President decides to greatly reduce the presence of national Guard at the southern border to only a few from the twelve hundred that are there now. story here. Reasons for this include budgetary concerns as well as the old bs about arrests being at a 40 year low. Well when the Agents are instructed not to arrest, then yes the numbers will fall dramatically. Also, Agents made 327,000 arrests in fiscal year 2010. But the Border patrol says for every one they catch three get away. Numbers are actually more like four or five get away. That means over a million made it safely into the country. So why exactly are troops being pulled away from the border? For the latino vote. Politics, plain and simple.
 Well our border volunteer group WILL be on the border. We will be conducting border operations every month and the more money that is donated to us and the more people sign up to volunteer with us means more manpower on the ground. If you are as mad as I am about this, please help us any way possible. We will not give up!

Monday, December 5, 2011

GAO Report Shows Most Border Fires Started By Illegals And Drug Traffickers

 Here is a report from the Government Accountability Office on wildfires in Arizona between 2006 to 2010. This past 2011 fire season is not included. Border Patrol sources tell me the bulk of the fires on the AZ/Mex border this season were started by illegal aliens and drug cartels. Some of those fires were actually started in Mexico right on the border with the distinct intention of using it as a diversion to smuggle illegals and drugs into the country. Some of those fires started by criminals were the horseshoe II and the Monument Fires. Read the findings

This pic is of the Coronado Mountains in Sierra Vista, AZ. This fire was started by drug cartels. It destroyed 60 homes and 6 businesses.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Announcing the Volunteer FARSAP program.


 I am proud to announce the start a new volunteer program called FARSAP (Farmers and Ranchers Security Assistance Program). Under this program, any rancher or farmer who would like security assistance for his property can get it from our border group. Our group is made up of patriotic former military and law enforcement individuals who believe that since the federal government will not do it's job, us American citizens will! We have ranchers and farmers who are being intimidated and in some cases forced off of their properties, some of which have been in their families since the mid 1800s. These Americans should not be forced to wear body armor, as one federal agent suggested, as they work their fields. Basically, the feds have given up. We haven't! We believe with cooperation between farmers, ranchers and security personnel, a solution can be found.
 Since 2005, volunteer border watchers have proven that all it takes to secure a border is boots on the ground. I have personally helped in the apprehension of groups one night, then had no activity the rest of the operation due to smugglers using other routes. This proves that when you have people on site and actively patrol your operation area, smugglers will stay away. We have worked many ranchers properties where illegal activity dropped to near zero levels depending on the size of our security force and the size of the property in question.
 The more properties ranchers and farmers lose mean family history that is lost. It also means our food producing systems in this country get tighter and tighter and prices go up. We are looking to stop these problems by offering trained security personnel for those ranchers and farmers who want it. If you know of any ranchers and farmers that are in need of assistance and would like help, please have them contact us at

 Thank You