Saturday, June 30, 2012


Conducting border operations as a volunteer is more than just putting on cool, kick ass equipment, grabbing a rifle and going out into the desert looking for trouble.  You need to be able to take what you learn while on the border and pass it along to people in your communities to help spread the word about what is really going on at the border.  Best way to do that is to talk to locals and Border Patrol Agents which is the best human intelligence (HUMINT) there is.  This particular operation we had a journalist from a popular magazine with us for the first half of the operation.  Our goal was to show him the gaps in security coverage in areas of the border.  We believe we were successful in this mission judging from some of the comments he made to us.  Two gaps that we proved were the easy way to sneak by the SBINet (Boeing made) towers that are in the desert.  Even with powerful night vision and thermal cameras on them, they are rendered useless when you walk in a wash or gully and have plenty of tree top coverage which those cameras cannot penetrate.  The second gap in security is the fact that BP does shift changes at the same times EVERY DAY!!  Well guess who knows exactly when this is?  The bad guys!!!  During shift changes we went out to show the reporter that there is a good 3 to 4 hour coverage gap in certain areas of the border.  This is ridiculous in my eyes.  BP should be altering their shift changes every day or every week of every year.  So I think we proved to the reporter that border security is not all that the pea brained Janet Napolitano says it is.  When we conduct operations, we try to have new individuals come and participate also.  We train them while we conduct operations so they get good hardcore on the job training.  There were a few first timers out this time.  Some completely new to the border watch game and some who while not new to it, were new to the terrain we work.  This terrain is the closest you will get to the mountains of Afghanistan that there is.  Some military units have even come down to train there before being deployed to Afghanistan.  So all in all it was a great week full of dedicated Americans who spend their own time and money to watch out for this country.  I couldn't be prouder of these dedicated souls.  Here are the tallies for the week.

1 illegal rescued who had maybe 24 hours to live. He was lost in the desert for 3 days in plus 100 temps.
2 drug cartel spotters captured on their way to their OP.
A total of 89 illegals apprehended in 4 separate groups that we had detected.

Latest word from a source that has friends on both sides of the border is that we definitely pissed off some bad guys in Mexico. Too bad!  Will post pics and vids soon. 

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