Monday, November 28, 2011

Volunteer Border Operations Organizing Now

Open letter to the American public,

 When you think back to the founding of this great nation, you need to realize that for every man who fought in the Revolution, there were many more times that who supported him both financially and material wise. Without that sense of giving and unselfishness, the Revolution would of been in more dire straits than it was. America succeeds because Americans are good, decent giving people. It's in that tradition that I ask you to help us fund our operations.
 Nothing sickens me more than to ask for monetary and material help at this time of year with this type of economy. However, in planning the 2012 ops, I have had more members tell me they probably could not come anymore due to the cost of airline tickets and gas. These are combat vets for the most part who are vital to the success of our operations. So I regretfully ask you to donate whatever you can. Actually, we could use donated air miles the most. We all pretty much have our own gear but it is the cost of travel and lodging that kills us. When I started doing ops in 2005 a plane ticket was $220 round trip. Now, it is anywhere from $500 to $600. Insane! But there are ranchers who need our help, who ask for our help.
 I know a lot of you wish you could go to that border and kick some ass but cannot for various reasons. This is one way that you can. Please email me at if you can help.

 Thank You


Friday, November 25, 2011

Zetas drug cartel active in the U.S. DESPITE what DHS Secretary Napolitano says!

 Ever since DHS Secretary Napolitano was appointed to her position, she has boasted about how the southern border is quote, "more secure than ever". Many of us are not sure what southern border she is talking about but sane Americans know she is not talking about the U.S. southern border. The FBI, as well as other federal agencies, has said that the drug cartels from Mexico in many ways present more of a security threat to the U.S. than islamic extremists do. How can federal agencies contradict each other like that? The answer is simple, politics! Napolitano must do what her handlers tell her to do and that is spouting out how more illegals have been deported under Obama than any other President. A blatant lie! And how Customs and the U.S. Border Patrol have operational control of most of that border. A blatant lie! Also, how cartel violence has NOT spilled over the border into the U.S. Another blatant lie! Just these past two weeks have showed that everything Nappy is saying about the cartels not being a danger to us citizens is false! Here is one story on the Chicago area Zetas take down last week. There is a quote from Nappy in the link about her warning to the cartels to not bring their violence over here. Well it was here before you took the job Nappy. In fact, the cartels operate and supply drugs to over 2500 cities and towns across the U.S. This story reports of a shootout in Houston just this week involving the Zetas and most likely another cartel. A Sheriffs Deputy was wounded in the shootout but it is unclear whether he was shot by the assailants or the victim of friendly fire in the confusion. Here is a map of drug cartel territories and routes in Mexico.

 Here is a pic of just some of the pot our border group has caught. Yeah, seems like a secure border all right if just average everyday Americans can roam the desert 30+ miles north of the border and come across this.

Spillover violence from Mexican drug cartels is here and here to stay until we have a federal government willing to clamp down and secure our southern border. But due to political correctness and the government not wanting to offend Mexico, we will see increased violence in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. Local and state law enforcement have had to pretty much go it alone in combating this problem with little funding or help from the inept feds. Unfortunately, more American citizens, especially our law enforcement, will become victims in this war!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Obama Ordered Border Patrol NOT to Check Buses, Trains at Northern Border!

 This failure of a President is doing everything possible to see to it that illegal aliens and terrorists from everywhere in the world get a free pass into America. In the latest example, he has ordered the US Border Patrol to stop checking buses and trains entering the US from Canada for illegal aliens. As word of this gets out, not only illegals but also terrorists will use this gap in security to infiltrate America and wreak havoc and destruction upon it's citizens. Story here.
 Now we have Border Patrol Agents who are sitting around in vehicles watching empty fields and doing crossword puzzles! We have one year to go to remove this scumbag President and turn this ship around.